Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Golden Birthday

So🌠Lex... be the light of Christ

Celebrating birthdays is always a good thing....but "Golden Birthdays" should always be extra special!

Twenty-Two has always been a number that brings about let's say......emotions.  You were born on the 22nd as was Alex, our godson. You died on the 22nd (Alex's birthday) and our friend's daughter, So-phia was born and died on the 22nd.  .

When I realized it was your Golden Birthday this year- 22 on the 22nd....I completely turned into a puddle.  How could I make it special?!  I turned to google.  Not a good idea..... Until I found:

The Hebrew alphabet is made up of 22 letters which are used to compose the Word of  God.  The word of God is called a lamp, thus it is the light by which we are to live.  Light is used twenty-two times in the Gospel of John.  The 22nd time, John uses the word, he quotes Jesus: "I have come as a light into the world...."

 Christians are to walk in the light of Christ (John 3:21) and be the light of the world (Matthew 5:14).

For several years we have wanted to do something in memory of your beautiful spirit, Alexi.  Your Golden Birthday seems like the perfect time to launch something that the Myers and us have been dreaming up for years.

SO🌠 the light of Christ.  "SO" in memory of Sophia Myers who was born and died on the 22nd and "LEX" for you my sweet child whose life has saved ours by bringing us closer to our Maker.

This year and every year to follow we will find JOY in seeking "22" things per year that we feel spread your light, Sophia's light and the light of Christ in our world.

SO🌠 the light of Christ 

Stay tuned for the adventures of
 SO🌠LEX...a journey of love and healing

Happy Birthday baby...your golden light will forever shine!  

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lord, Make Us Like You...Mold Us Into Your Likeness.

20 Years ago today my life changed in a second.  Not only my life but Jay's, Ana's and all of our families lives too.

We woke up March 22nd to the sun streaming in our window and for a brief second all was good.  Moments later our world came crashing down as we realized you had not awakened from your sleep.

One would think that 20 years later this story would be on the top book shelf, tucked away and rarely read or told.  But this story is all of our lives.  It is the journey of life....the good, the bad, and everythig in between.

Several years later I started creating wooden sculptures, I called them "Holy Ones".  All I could think of was angels and reaching to the heavens for help and comfort.  One of my first Sculptures was named.....

Lord, Make Us Like You....Mold Us Into Your Likeness
Grandpa Bob found the wood while hiking the mountain, It was black and dirty and most people would have thrown it into the fire....but I saw a" Holy One', kneeling and begging God for mercy.
I have a book called "God Calling" that I treasure.  When I need to hear God's word, I open the book and whatever page it lands on, I trust that is what God wants me to hear.  This morning, I opened the book and at first glance I thought...."this is the wrong page" was about Patience.  Surely I accidentally flipped to the wrong page.  I almost turned the page when I saw this quote at the top...
"Lord, make us like thee.  Mold us into Thy Likeness."  
The text spoke to me...
"Molding, my children, means cutting and chiseling.  It means sacrifice of the personal to conform to type.  It is not only My work but yours."
"It is work that requires cooperation----- Mine and yours.  It is a work that brings much sense of failure and discouragement, too, at times, because, as the work proceeds, you see more and more clearly all that yet remains to be done."
"So on and up. Forward. Patience--- Perseverance---Struggle.  Remember that I am beside you, your Captain and your Helper.  So tender, so patient, so strong."
"Yes, we cooperate, and as I share your troubles, failures, difficulties, heartaches, so, as My friends, you share My patience and My strength to others."
We are all in the together my friends and I pray that God continues to mold me...cutting and chiseling until one day when I meet Him and Alexi in Heaven, I hear....

 "Holy One, you are a beautiful piece of art, job well done!" 
Love you, Lex.