Thursday, February 16, 2017

SO*LEX be the Light of Christ!

22.  Twenty-two special things this year in memory of your Golden Birthday!

ONE:  February (the month of love).  We have started a new tradition for Valentines day.  February from now on will be known as "the month of love."  One Day.... to show your love is just not enough. Jay and I decided this year we would make an extra effort all month long to do random acts of kindness and show our love to each other and those around us. Jay is killing it....he is so thoughtful! It has made me more aware of how much we can take each other for granted and  how little things can make a difference.  We hope you might join us next February in celebrating love and kindness all month long!  It's a great way to spread Joy and the Light of Christ... it's really how we should spend every day of our lives: caring for, loving, being considerate, and going out of our way to make people feel special and loved.

TWO:  coming soon!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Golden Birthday

So🌠Lex... be the light of Christ

Celebrating birthdays is always a good thing....but "Golden Birthdays" should always be extra special!

Twenty-Two has always been a number that brings about let's say......emotions.  You were born on the 22nd as was Alex, our godson. You died on the 22nd (Alex's birthday) and our friend's daughter, So-phia was born and died on the 22nd.  .

When I realized it was your Golden Birthday this year- 22 on the 22nd....I completely turned into a puddle.  How could I make it special?!  I turned to google.  Not a good idea..... Until I found:

The Hebrew alphabet is made up of 22 letters which are used to compose the Word of  God.  The word of God is called a lamp, thus it is the light by which we are to live.  Light is used twenty-two times in the Gospel of John.  The 22nd time, John uses the word, he quotes Jesus: "I have come as a light into the world...."

 Christians are to walk in the light of Christ (John 3:21) and be the light of the world (Matthew 5:14).

For several years we have wanted to do something in memory of your beautiful spirit, Alexi.  Your Golden Birthday seems like the perfect time to launch something that the Myers and us have been dreaming up for years.

SO🌠 the light of Christ.  "SO" in memory of Sophia Myers who was born and died on the 22nd and "LEX" for you my sweet child whose life has saved ours by bringing us closer to our Maker.

This year and every year to follow we will find JOY in seeking "22" things per year that we feel spread your light, Sophia's light and the light of Christ in our world.

SO🌠 the light of Christ 

Stay tuned for the adventures of
 SO🌠LEX...a journey of love and healing

Happy Birthday baby...your golden light will forever shine!  

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lord, Make Us Like You...Mold Us Into Your Likeness.

20 Years ago today my life changed in a second.  Not only my life but Jay's, Ana's and all of our families lives too.

We woke up March 22nd to the sun streaming in our window and for a brief second all was good.  Moments later our world came crashing down as we realized you had not awakened from your sleep.

One would think that 20 years later this story would be on the top book shelf, tucked away and rarely read or told.  But this story is all of our lives.  It is the journey of life....the good, the bad, and everythig in between.

Several years later I started creating wooden sculptures, I called them "Holy Ones".  All I could think of was angels and reaching to the heavens for help and comfort.  One of my first Sculptures was named.....

Lord, Make Us Like You....Mold Us Into Your Likeness
Grandpa Bob found the wood while hiking the mountain, It was black and dirty and most people would have thrown it into the fire....but I saw a" Holy One', kneeling and begging God for mercy.
I have a book called "God Calling" that I treasure.  When I need to hear God's word, I open the book and whatever page it lands on, I trust that is what God wants me to hear.  This morning, I opened the book and at first glance I thought...."this is the wrong page" was about Patience.  Surely I accidentally flipped to the wrong page.  I almost turned the page when I saw this quote at the top...
"Lord, make us like thee.  Mold us into Thy Likeness."  
The text spoke to me...
"Molding, my children, means cutting and chiseling.  It means sacrifice of the personal to conform to type.  It is not only My work but yours."
"It is work that requires cooperation----- Mine and yours.  It is a work that brings much sense of failure and discouragement, too, at times, because, as the work proceeds, you see more and more clearly all that yet remains to be done."
"So on and up. Forward. Patience--- Perseverance---Struggle.  Remember that I am beside you, your Captain and your Helper.  So tender, so patient, so strong."
"Yes, we cooperate, and as I share your troubles, failures, difficulties, heartaches, so, as My friends, you share My patience and My strength to others."
We are all in the together my friends and I pray that God continues to mold me...cutting and chiseling until one day when I meet Him and Alexi in Heaven, I hear....

 "Holy One, you are a beautiful piece of art, job well done!" 
Love you, Lex.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Was Mary... Merry?

As I stuffed my Christmas envelopes this year I felt a peace and a feeling of hope that I have not felt in a long time.  Let me tell you the story.
Lex, I was never very excited about family pictures after you earned your wings.  Without you in our picture, it just wasn't complete.

When your little sister Abi was born, I decided that I would take a family picture, but with you in it. A little girl named Mary just miraculously came into our life.  I actually met her mother and her at a playgroup!  She had dark hair, brown eyes and olive skin, just like you.  She was the same age as you... would have been.  I asked her mother if I could borrow her for a picture and told her our story.  The rest is history and the pictures we captured that day are priceless.  The photographer had us title two of the pictures.  The family picture is called “Angel Among Us”.  The picture of you and your sisters playing Ring around the Rosie is called, “Eternal Love.”

This December, I decided it was time to take a family picture. Enough with being sad that you would not be in it.   Guess who showed up on that day?  The photographer pointed out to me on several of the pictures that there was a bright light and knowing our story said, “I am sure that is Alexi.”
As I look at the picture of my beautiful family and reminisce about you, my angel in heaven shining a bright light on us….these are my thoughts.

Be Merry, Merry….I wonder if the blessed Mother Mary was Merry when she thought of her son Jesus.  Did she think of his suffering and his death on the cross?  Was she able to get past the painful memories or did she dwell on them?  I hope that she saw Jesus as many do, our Savior, our tower of refuge and strength, our shining light that brings us joy and love, grace and hope.  At the sound of His name, my heart swells with His love.
When I think of you my daughter, Alexi I sometimes find myself stuck in the painful memories of losing you.  Depression and sorrow fill my heart and the tears flow even after all these years.
Is that how you would want it?  Or would you rather my thoughts be of the bright and shining light that you are and the love and grace and hope that you brought us?
As I think of the parents who recently lost their children in Connecticut, I pray that they will be able to soon forget the painful and senseless way in which their children earned their wings and focus on their bright lights and the joy and love they brought to this world. 
May all of us who have lost a loved one and all of us in general be Merry and Bright as that is how God and everything good in this world would want us to be.   

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hawk....a bird of PREY

So, Lex...

It has taken me 16 years to figure out what you have been trying to tell me.  I am a little slow and stubborn sometimes!

Your dad get's things alot quicker...

Let me go back  a few years ago when you earned your angel wings and flew to Heaven.  Your dad placed a Hawkeye golf ball with you and told you to "Kick one in for him."  His first round of golf that year will never be forgotten.  It was a cold and windy April day when he stepped up to the par 3, pulled out a wedge and hit it 165 yards. When he could not find his ball, he looked in the hole.  As tears rolled down his face, he pulled out his Hawkeye ball and gently gave it a kiss.

Since that day Hawks have been very important to your dad.  Evertime we see a Hawk, which is often in Iowa, your dad will say, "There is Alexi." 

I have never felt this connection with Hawks until recently.  Since we moved to Echo Valley 4 years ago we are greeted by Hawks as we leave in the morning and as we come back home in the evening.  A few weeks ago on my way to taking your sister to school, I was stopped by a sunrise that was beyond beautiful!  The sky was red and orange and pink and it was an awesome backdrop for a silhouette of a tree in which a Hawk sat.  I asked Abi to google the definition of Hawk, she soon responded, "Bird of PREY."  That was it!  That is what you have been trying to tell me all of these years.  All of these years, you were trying to tell me to PRAY, to fix my eyes on Jesus.

Thank you for this reminder every day, Alexi.
My heart misses you today....


Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's a girl! 10 pounds 7 oz. Oh my...

So, Lex...

Our little Sumo wrestler!  You came into this world the size of a 3 month old!  Because you were 3 weeks early your lungs were not quite developed, so they squeezed you into an incubator until your breathing stabilized.   Your chubby body filled the entire space, you were the perfect Christmas gift, all wrapped up in a clear box! 

Luckily, we were able to take you home Christmas Eve and celebrate the GIFT of your life.

Thank you God for the gift of Alexi and for the gift of your son, Jesus!  Both of these babies have brought me closer to you and for that, I am forever grateful!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

So, Lex....remember me? I'm your mom...

December 22, your 17th birthday Alexi Christine!  Sometimes the anticipation of an event like your birthday, or holiday is much worse then the actual day.  Who would think that after 16 years of you being gone, the name Alexi on my lips still creates a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes?  Does the process of grieving ever end?  I think from today on I will think of grief as a gift.  A gift that brings me closer to Heaven, God and your beautiful spirit!    Your big sister, Ana captures what I feel in my heart everytime I think of you.  I close my eyes and imagine being so close that I could smell you and touch you and I wonder what would it be like to be with my Lex on your 17th birthday...