Sunday, December 18, 2011

So, Lex....remember me? I'm your mom...

December 22, your 17th birthday Alexi Christine!  Sometimes the anticipation of an event like your birthday, or holiday is much worse then the actual day.  Who would think that after 16 years of you being gone, the name Alexi on my lips still creates a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes?  Does the process of grieving ever end?  I think from today on I will think of grief as a gift.  A gift that brings me closer to Heaven, God and your beautiful spirit!    Your big sister, Ana captures what I feel in my heart everytime I think of you.  I close my eyes and imagine being so close that I could smell you and touch you and I wonder what would it be like to be with my Lex on your 17th birthday...


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  1. To this day I still remember Lexi's funeral. I never actually met your sweet little girl but still think of her and your family every time I hear her name. What a great idea to do a blog...hugs:)
    Tara (Goeser) Gallinger