Thursday, February 16, 2017

SO*LEX be the Light of Christ!

22.  Twenty-two special things this year in memory of your Golden Birthday!

ONE:  February (the month of love).  We have started a new tradition for Valentines day.  February from now on will be known as "the month of love."  One Day.... to show your love is just not enough. Jay and I decided this year we would make an extra effort all month long to do random acts of kindness and show our love to each other and those around us. Jay is killing it....he is so thoughtful! It has made me more aware of how much we can take each other for granted and  how little things can make a difference.  We hope you might join us next February in celebrating love and kindness all month long!  It's a great way to spread Joy and the Light of Christ... it's really how we should spend every day of our lives: caring for, loving, being considerate, and going out of our way to make people feel special and loved.

TWO:  coming soon!

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